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Private Sector Vaccination Sites Now Open to Walk-ins

Business for South Africa (B4SA), which is facilitating the private sector’s work with the government to ensure a smooth implementation of the national vaccination program, has confirmed that all private sector vaccination sites in South Africa are now open to anyone with out PRIVIOUSE appointment. eligible for vaccination (over 35 years old), regardless of whether they are insured or not.

B4SA says these sites include both independent community pharmacies and corporate pharmacy chains such as Dis-Chem and Clicks, private hospitals, and medical scheme vaccination sites.


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These sites will only accept people with an identification document (ID), passport or other form of identification, regardless of whether they are foreign nationals or non-South African residents.

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Stavros Nicoloau, chair of the B4SA health working group, said: “We have been concerned that people believe that only those with medical assistance can visit private sector sites and this is not correct.

“All sites will provide the same service, free of charge, to anyone who needs a vaccine,” he added.

“We encourage all citizens over the age of 35, whether they are registered or not, insured or not, to visit a vaccination site closest to them to receive the life-saving vaccine. The president announced that vaccines for those over 18 will open on September 1, 2021, and this free service will also be available to them. ”

B4SA also confirmed that while the sites listed will prioritize seniors and those with scheduled appointments, “no person over the age of 35 is required to pre-register before visiting a site for a vaccination.”

“Private sites ensure that staff are equipped and ready to help people register once they arrive,” B4SA said in its remarks.

However, the public is urged to pre-register for the Electronic Vaccination Data System (EVDS) to save time and avoid waiting in long lines.

The public can register here before visiting a site for vaccination.

“It helps the vaccination sites tremendously when people pre-register for the EVDS and use the appointment schedulers that are available to reserve their space,” said Nicoloau.

“Reservations can be made over the phone, directly with a site, or through the various online scheduling tools that are available.

“But the priority is to get the vaccine as soon as possible, so go to the nearest site if it is more convenient for you.”

B4SA noted in its statement that the evidence on the effectiveness of Covid-19 vaccines in preventing serious illness and death is “overwhelming.”


“Data from hospitals around the world shows that there are virtually no people vaccinated in intensive care units or dying from Covid-19. In the United States, less than 0.5% of those who die from Covid-19 are vaccinated, while more than 95% of those hospitalized are not vaccinated, ”the statement reported.

“This is the same in South Africa. Dr Marc Mendelson, Head of Infectious Diseases and HIV Medicine at Groote Schuur Hospital in Cape Town, said last week that he has not seen a single person vaccinated in Groote Schuur’s Covid intensive care ward for weeks. ” .

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In his closing remarks, Nicolaou said: “We have all been subject to serious disruption in our lives due to the pandemic, the lockdowns and the restrictions imposed to protect us from infection. Vaccination is the most important tool to be able to get back to doing the things we love. [such as] visiting our places of worship, traveling, attending sporting and cultural events, hugging loved ones and socializing. The power to do all of this resides within each of us. Don’t delay, get your jab and cheer on and help everyone around you do the same. ”

The full list of public sector (government) and private sector vaccination sites can be found. here.

B4SA says it will issue an updated list, which can be viewed on its website, regularly.

Workplaces are currently vaccinating their staff and are not yet open to the public.

Palesa Mofokeng is a Moneyweb intern.

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