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Growthpoint’s Corporate Office Portfolio Targets Net Zero Carbon Status by 2030

JSE-listed Growthpoint Properties, which owns the largest portfolio of green star-rated buildings in the country, has set all of Growthpoint’s corporate offices to operate at net zero carbon by 2030 and all of its buildings to reach zero zero . carbon status by 2050.

Growthpoint says its goal is to achieve this status by “reducing the energy consumption and associated emissions of its buildings, ensuring they are energy efficient, and earning this external certification.”

It is also introducing additional renewable energy to its portfolio of properties by installing more solar plants in its buildings.

The real estate investment trust (Reit) announced its plans during a walk through its new five-star-rated green office building at 144 Oxford Road in Rosebank on Thursday.

According to Growthpoint’s head of sustainability and public services Grahame Cruickshanks, the addition of a 180kW rooftop solar plant played a critical role in not only insuring its main tenant Anglo American, which has insured 80% of the building, but also in moving the building from an ecological rating of four. stars to one out of five. -Green star rating.

“At a time when the building was still speculative and tenants were unconfirmed, that added to the attractiveness and marketability of the building. And the tenants that we have here, certainly the primary tenant, felt that the green star rating was a big factor in choosing [be housed here]. ”

The rooftop solar plant is expected to supply approximately 20% of the building’s energy needs.

Ushering in the era of sustainable mobility

Despite South Africa’s electricity generating capacity issues and the country’s grid being heavily reliant on fossil fuels, Growthpoint, in collaboration with the Rubicon Group, which showcased the world’s first Tesla Model X Performance Edition all-electric SUV country in the new building, seeks to help usher in electric vehicles in the country by providing charging stations at its properties where there is high demand.

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“Our groundbreaking collaboration with Rubicon’s Tesla Model X at 144 Oxford demonstrates that buildings are where rubber starts on the path to carbon reduction,” said Cruickshanks.

“It highlights the direct impacts that a building’s energy source can have on reducing carbon emissions and leaves no doubt that green energy and green buildings are the future.”

The country’s first Tesla Model X Performance Edition all-electric SUV on display at Growthpoint’s 144 Oxford Road building in Rosebank. Image: Supplied.

“By providing EV charging stations in buildings in our portfolio where there is demand, particularly our shopping centers, and ensuring that buildings like 144 Oxford are future ready for charging stations, Growthpoint is meeting the growing demand for charging from electric vehicles in South Africa. – and, in many cases, enabling more people to connect to a greener grid thanks to solar energy in an increasing number of our buildings, ”said Cruickshanks.

“This also creates awareness and demand for alternative and environmentally friendly transportation.”

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Raising the profile of renewable energy

Growthpoint and Rubicon believe that the combination of a high-performance car (Tesla) with a high-efficiency green building will drive “greater awareness of green change” in the country.

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“For more than a decade, Growthpoint has been at the forefront of the movement towards greener buildings and has earned a reputation as a leader and innovator in this space,” Growthpoint Properties CEO Estienne de Klerk said in a statement.

“Protecting the natural environment is a critical component of our clearly defined ESG. [environmental, social and governance] strategy, which influences our performance for all our stakeholders. ”

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