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Elf on the shelf: search and find dollhouse

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Our Elf on the Shelf Pepper Mint built my daughter’s IKEA dollhouse shelf that has been in a box in her bedroom for the past half year.

The day after I bought the dollhouse for her room, a lot of restrictions were placed on me due to complications in my pregnancy. Life quickly became just surviving and the dollhouse shelf was quickly forgotten.

Fortunately, we have a rather ambitious construction elf and he set out to put together the dollhouse along with this quest and quest for the last day he was here this Christmas …

You can watch the attached video to see the details of this dollhouse in a different medium.

Along with the dollhouse, Pepper left us a note that said, “Merry Christmas! Can you find at least one thing that I left in the dollhouse every day? ”

Pepper collected items that she used for her Elf on the Shelf displays at our home this year and added a little more to it. The challenge was for the children to remember all the exhibits and try to place each object in the scene to which it originally belonged.

The kids quickly found all 17 screens (we only had 18 days with Pepper because this was our first year at Elf on the Shelf and we started late).

Pepper was sitting on top of the dollhouse. This was not for him. This IKEA dollhouse is scaled to fit Barbie’s little sister, Chelsea.

The full-size Barbie is a bit too big for this size of dollhouse.

So Pepper was sitting on the roof of the dollhouse with her apron with nails, nuts, bolts, screws, and a tape measure.

He was holding his saw and hammer. He was dressed like this, presumably because he had just put together this dollhouse. The children placed these items as they were originally found in the Elf on the Shelf: Pepper’s Toy Shop exhibit.

She had made a small brunch using many of the items she had in her kitchen for her Elf on the Shelf: Real Miniature Breakfast exhibit.

Hot chocolate with marshmallows and gingerbread cookies and candy canes can be found in their Elf on the Shelf: Decorating Gingerbread Houses exhibit.

You can also find his chef’s hat, his handkerchief (now doubles as a tablecloth) and his potholder (now doubles as a seat cushion) in the kitchen.

The coo-coo clock and Christmas tree were also in their Toy Shop display.

The popcorn maker can be found in your Elf on the Shelf: Popcorn Popping display.

The items we couldn’t find in other displays were items that I had previously purchased from Dollar Tree specifically for this IKEA dollhouse: the wooden table, buffet, and chair.

Hanging from the top of the dollhouse is a wreath with bells.

This wreath was placed around the horse’s neck and Pepper sounded the bells at the One Horse Open Sleigh exhibit.

The living room also contains elements of a few different screens …

The artwork comes from the Goodnight Moon exhibit.

The fireplace, wreath, lamp, stocking, mini Christmas tree, and banner come from the “Elf on the shelf: Oh, there’s no place like home for the holidays.”

The Christmas tree and gifts also come from the No Place Like Home for the Holidays exhibit.

Pepper added fairy lights to the Christmas tree for this dollhouse hunt and hunt display.

The toolbox came from the Elf on the Shelf: Tub exhibit.

Actually the toolbox was used on multiple screens. It was amazing how many uses this Barbie toolbox had. It was used as a tackle box, basket for storing shampoo, soap, etc. and box to store nails, screws, etc. by Peppers.

Pepper used it in this dollhouse to hold firewood to burn in the fireplace.

The rug came from the One Horse Open Sleigh exhibit.

The Polar Express book also came from the Oh There No Place Like Home For the Holidays screen.

The elements that we did not find in the other Pepper exhibits were the sleigh chair,

with green cushion made from the polyethylene filling used in Elf on the Shelf: Surprise Arrival Basket.

The red pillow was made from the same material that Pepper used for her “No Sew Christmas Pajamas.”

The children’s playroom is my favorite!

The marbles and some of the other toys in this room come from the Elf on the Shelf: Balloon Basket exhibit.

The children’s fireplace was originally at Pepper’s Toy Shop. It has such adorable little details.

I love the bow tie gift.

Little Santa Claus with a stocking and a tree were added from a wooden ornament.

This tiny snowman came from Elf on the Shelf: Want to build a snowman? display.

The toy train

The rocking horse and rocking horse came from Pepper’s Toy Shop.

The Goodnight Moon book,

Bears on three chairs, work of art

and the dollhouse came from the Elf on the Shelf: Goodnight Moon exhibit.

My daughter really wanted me to photograph this little boy Good night Moon, open book so you can see some of the details …

Items that we hadn’t seen Pepper wear before that were in the playroom are: the red carpet, little Santa in stockings, the tiny tree on the mantelpiece, and the tiny puppy on the welcome home mat. of the dollhouses.

The last room in this dollhouse is the bedroom.

We have a sleigh as a bed from Elf on the Shelf: Sleigh in the Christmas tree display.

There are a few different elements here from the Elf on the Shelf: Goin ‘Fishin’ in the Dark screen.

like, the flashlight,

snorkel mask and boots. The blue vases on either side of the nativity came from the good night Moon display.

The children recognized that the guitar, lei, turtle, crab, and water bottle came from the Elf on the Shelf: Mele Kalikimaka exhibit.

The turtle was also found on two screens, the Tub screen and the Mele Kalikimaka screen.

The Narnia book came out of the balloon basket display.

The hidden snowman was in the section “Do you want to build a snowman?” screen as well as the Mele Kalikimaka screen.

We can see Pepper’s snow goggles and ear muffs from Elf on the Shelf: Snowmobile display.

Elf on the Shelf: Sees you when you are cleaning.

and the Christmas pajamas in the laundry basket and similar material used for the bedspread and other pillows are from Elf on the Shelf: Christmas Pajamas + No Sew Elf on the Shelf PJ Tutorial display.

The bedroom items that we haven’t seen Pepper use before are the pom poms for the pillows, the dresser, the ladder, and this wooden nativity scene.

My kids love the detail work that goes into this little Nativity.

Pepper added garlands and colored lights to the roof line. He also put two small Christmas trees on each side of the dollhouse.

This Elf on the Shelf: Dollhouse Seek and Find exhibit was the last Pepper left for us this holiday season.

Supply list for NEW items used for this elf on the shelf – dollhouse search and search display

IKEA dollhouse

Two strands of felt garland

fairy light

Two 12 ″ Christmas trees

Dollar Tree Dollhouse Furniture: sideboard, buffet, table, chair

rug, duvet, 2 pillows made with pajama material (see Elf on the Shelf: Christmas Pajama post) and hot glue

tiny dog Lego friends

wooden sled with metal rails for the sofa

green cushion material with polyethylene padding sewing

Large green pillow (pompom)

small bright red pompom pillow

Kid Kraft So Chic Dollhouse Ladder

Tiny Wooden Christmas Ornament

Take a look at her following creative displays that Pepper made for us this year:

Elf on the shelf: bathtub

Elf on the Shelf: Do you want to build a snowman?

Elf on the Shelf: Oh, there’s no place like home for the holidays

Elf on the shelf: snowmobiles

Elf on the Shelf: Go Fishing in the Dark

Elf on the shelf: balloon basket

Elf on the shelf: Good night, Luna

Elf on the Shelf: One Horse Open Sleigh

Elf on the Shelf: Sleigh on the Christmas Tree

Elf on the Shelf: Sees you when you’re cleaning

Elf on the Shelf: Pepper’s Toy Shop

Elf on the Shelf: Decorating Gingerbread Houses

Elf on the Shelf: Christmas Pajamas + No Sew Elf on the Shelf PJ Tutorial

Elf on the shelf: Mele Kalikimaka

Elf on the Shelf: Royal Miniature Breakfast

Elf on the shelf: search and find dollhouse

Elf on the Shelf: Popcorn

Elf on the Shelf: Surprise Arrival Basket

Hope these screens give you some fun ideas.

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